Supporting strategies and plans

The Infrastructure Strategy and Plan provide a framework for a more transparent and integrated approach to how we plan, prioritise, use and deliver infrastructure, and will provide confidence and certainty about the future direction for infrastructure provision in the Territory.

In the short term the Infrastructure Plan will help industry with its own planning and workforce management and inform decision-making across all levels of government.

Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Territory. It will provide visibility of the infrastructure program across all government agencies and consequently will enable a more integrated approach to planning and delivering infrastructure in the Territory.

Infrastructure Strategy

The Northern Territory Infrastructure Strategy charts how and why government will undertake infrastructure investment. It establishes the government’s vision for infrastructure delivery, the broader economic and social objectives that infrastructure investment must achieve, and the underlying policies that support government to plan, assess, select, prioritise and invest in infrastructure initiatives.

The Infrastructure Strategy outlines a framework to deliver infrastructure, government actions to provide more efficient and consistent regulatory settings, and to deliver greater investment certainty.

The strategy

The Northern Territory Government’s vision is for infrastructure to be well planned and delivered efficiently. Infrastructure investment decisions must also advance economic development and diversity, and support increased living standards.

We have finite resources and there are opportunity costs associated with infrastructure investment decisions. Therefore, it is critical that scarce resources are invested to maximise economic and social outcomes, and investment is prioritised against clearly articulated outcomes.

The strategy explores the infrastructure objectives (page 9) and underlying policy drivers (page 11).

NT Project Development Framework

A transparent and consistent framework to plan, assess, select, prioritise and invest in infrastructure projects is critical to ensuring prudent management of government resources, accountability in project delivery and targeted outcomes are met.

The Northern Territory Project Development Framework (NTPDF) is a structured approach to project development that recognises competing project priorities and establishes a systematic approach to project evaluation.

The NTPDF will be applied to projects that are Northern Territory Government funded or require some level of Northern Territory Government support, irrespective of whether they are projects funded through the government capital works program, government facilitated strategic projects or unsolicited private sector projects.

The Infrastructure Strategy provides a high level outline of the NTPDF. Explore further detailed guidelines in support of each element of the NTPDF (page 24).

Northern Territory Infrastructure Strategy PDF (4.7 MB)
Northern Territory Infrastructure Strategy DOCX (11.7 MB)

10 Year Infrastructure Plan

View the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan on the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics website.

Planning for a Vibrant Future

Planning for a Vibrant Future sets out a strategic vision for the Northern Territory that provides for individual centres to develop a sense of identity and a platform for coordinated and purposeful Government investment.

Planning for a Vibrant Future focusses on key growth areas including:

  • Darwin, Australia’s Northern Capital
  • Palmerston, The Family City
  • Darwin’s Rural Areas, Unique Rural Lifestyle
  • Weddell, A New Tropical City
  • Cox Peninsula, Saltwater Living
  • Katherine, A Logistics and Agribusiness Hub
  • Tennant Creek, A Mining Services Centre
  • Alice Springs, Australia’s Inland Capital
  • Nhulunbuy, Arnhem’s Peninsula Paradise
  • Regional and Remote, Our Cultural Landscape

Planning for a Vibrant Future considers all elements from population growth, economic development, infrastructure, community character and culture. It supports the Government’s Economic Development Framework and Infrastructure Strategy, and aligns with the Strategic Planning work undertaken by the Northern Territory Planning Commission across our regions.

View more about Planning for a Vibrant Future on the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics website.

Last updated: 07 Apr 2020