Tropical health and research

The Northern Territory has world-class research capabilities in tropical and Aboriginal health led by the Menzies School of Health Research, which is headquartered in Darwin and maintains a presence throughout the Territory, interstate and in neighbouring countries. Ensuring the world knows about the capability of Charles Darwin University (CDU) and Menzies will have flow-on impacts for world rankings, and its ability to attract international students.

Menzies, Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin Private Hospital, Top End Health Service, Flinders Medical School and the smaller health and medical research institutes, create a critical mass of research and employment opportunities that has attracted medical researchers and medical professionals.

Strengthening and formalising the relationships between research bodies and funding entities has the potential to lead to rapid growth in these medical research fields.

High level action Measure Lead / partners Lever
Raise the profile of the tropical health and research industry in the Northern Territory to assist in attracting national and international investment Increased diversity of funding sources Health and medical research institutes
Develop funding strategies to support and grow critical health research priorities to benefit the Territory e.g. Aboriginal health and wellbeing, big data, genomics, clinical trials, multi-resistance and health security Increase investment in emerging health research growth areas Health and medical research institutes
NT Govt (NTG)
Support health research institutions to increase philanthropic funding Increased philanthropic funding Health and medical research institutes
Strengthen the Territory’s health research capabilities through assisting health research institutions to secure more stable funding sources Review of public and other funding sources and options to create greater certainty NTG Capital
Encourage collaboration between health research institutions to attract grant funding from national agencies, international governments and institutes Increased success rate in funding and grants from national agencies, international governments and institutes Industry Connectivity
Increase collaboration between health research and health service providers in the Northern Territory Increased number of co-funded joint positions between health and medical research institutes, CDU, Flinders and Northern Territory health service providers
Development of a Territory health services research agenda
Health and medical research institutes
NT health service providers
Explore opportunities to co-locate clinical teaching and research staff and students at the Palmerston Regional Hospital site Concept and business case developed NTG
Enterprise and innovation
Last updated: 05 Jun 2017