Renewable energy

The Northern Territory Government has a target of 50% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Given our natural advantages, solar energy is the most promising way to achieve this. When the Roadmap to Renewables report is released it will contain recommendations for government to consider. Government will then develop a strategy to pursue the 50% target.

Renewable energy could improve the competitive position of a broad range of businesses if it could be harnessed to deliver lower cost electricity than alternative fuel sources.

The sector provides an opportunity for Territory businesses to integrate best-practice technologies in solar power generation, storage and management, and this expertise could be sold by Territory firms to earn income from outside the Northern Territory.

High level actionMeasureLead / partnersLever
Achieve a 50% renewable energy target by 2030 50% renewables achieved by 2030 NT Govt (NTG)
Natural resources
Consider outcomes and recommendations of the Roadmap to Renewables report Report delivered and recommendations considered NTG Enterprise and innovation
Support Charles Darwin University and the Centre for Appropriate Technology to attract research and development funds Increased research funds sourced CAT
Enterprise and innovation
Last updated: 05 Jun 2017